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Thank you so much for leading this show every year.  It not only makes travelling easier but your range of exhibitors are excellent.  I always leave a few thousand pounds lighter.

Sandra Govender

- CEO and Headteacher

The Lotus Academy Trust and The Damara School

Many thanks for the slot for us to speak, your conference has been very important to us in getting engagement from schools as so many testified on Friday.

Adam Gibson

- NCCE Norfolk Hub Lead and Head of Computer Science

Dereham Neatherd High School

Thank you so much… These events are superbly organised and I’m so grateful to get the invitations. Here at Highwood, we’re looking to write our own computing curriculum…and the last talk I went to that you organised had some really, really incredibly minded individuals that blew me away.

Serraphina Robinson

- Principal

Highwood Copse Primary School

I found the November conference at Roehampton exceedingly beneficial and interesting. Tig’s talk, in particular, has been a great catalyst for broaching the subject of AI at my own school.

Nicholas Morrell

- Deputy Head (Academic) | Head of Regulatory Compliance & Boarding

Westminster Cathedral Choir School

It was a great event to be part of and I will definitely look at the up coming schedule and discuss how we at the foundation can use it to spread the great work we do.

Matt Hogan

- Learning Manager

Raspberry Pi

It was lovely to finally meet you yesterday, we all as a cohort enjoyed the seminar as a whole! I was wondering where could I possibly get all of the PowerPoints from that were used yesterday as I believe it will be a good tool for me to reflect back on throughout my PGCE. Any guidance will be much appreciated!

Soheyl Hosseiny

- PGCE Student Teacher

Newman University

Thank you for your email and the link to the presentations. The seminar was a great experience and I got a wealth of information from it. I will keep an eye on your website for any updates.

Nikolaos Mytikiotis

- Teacher of Computer Science

WMG Academy for Young Engineers

Thank you so much to you and the team for yesterday. As an fairly new teacher and no experience of networking it was invaluable!

Lyn Agar

- Teacher of ICT and Computing

Myton School

It was a great seminar – lovely to talk to Miles Berry – he has lost none of his passion and spark. Good chat with Asus.

Gareth Shaw

- Year 3 Class Teacher and Computing Lead

Brownmead Academy

Thank you so much for inviting me again this year. It’s such a great opportunity to talk about what we do in the classroom, share ideas with peers and I particularly like being able to meet people face to face and network, so thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate.

Ani Costello

Subject Leader for ITaCS, ITT Lead Mentor

We did enjoy the conference very much and were very grateful for your help and support and particularly grateful to Miles who went out of his way to help us as we explored AI and its implications in education. Please can you pass on my gratitude and also the gratitude of my colleagues who I am sure, like me, feel that Miles helped us on the journey we are all facing regarding AI. Thanks for the link as well. Just for feedback, from my point of view, I found Tig (did I get that right?) and his talk on planning a curriculum very helpful and also the lady who spoke at the end, really inspiring! I am sure your conferences will continue to grow and attract attention with the quality of guests you employ.

Jonathan Poston

Langley Primary School

The ICT for Education event is one of the highlights of the school year. It is a fantastic opportunity for new ideas, teaching strategies and IT concepts to be presented, discussed and shared. In short, this is a fabulous opportunity for networking and the sharing of tools that can enhance and compliment teaching across a wide range of subjects. Thank you.

Russell Gaines

- Director of Vocational Studies,

James Calvert Spence College

It was great to see so many attendees at the conference today and some really good conversations with a number of educators. Great day and event!


AVer Information Europe

Wow! It was a great seminar! I really enjoyed the event! All the speakers were amazing, and Miles is just astonishing – one of the best presenters I’ve seen – he’s always top drawer!

Peter Marshman

- Senior Community Outreach Manager, BCS

CEO Digital (Charity)

The ICT for Education conferences have been a highlight of my calendar for a number of years now, as these have provided a brilliant opportunity to engage with teachers and the ed tech industry  


University of Roehampton

Thank you once again to all involved in putting on the Conference, it was very interesting and entertaining… it was good to see and hear how IT is being utilised in the classroom,

Brian V. Mays

- Senior ICT Technician

West Sussex Alternative Provision College

Not only would I recommend ICT for Education, I did the moment I joined ASUS

Stacey Swift

- Key Account manager


We’ve had about a dozen engagements with schools from the Norwich conference, so very useful for us. Thank you.

Adam Gibson,

NCCE Norfolk Hub Lead, Head of Computer Science, Dereham Neatherd High School

Getech have worked with ICT for Education for 6 years and their events have consistently proved to be good at getting us closer to new prospects around the country as well as providing us with a better understanding of the changing challenges within the sector over time.We will continue to work with ICT for Education as it provides us with a clear and measurable ROI on our marketing investments unlike so many other initiatives we get involved with

Richard Maclean

- Business Development Director & Google Lead


ICT for Education events really do help teachers who are attending because it brings together the corporate side and teachers where they can collaborate, share ideas but more importantly use those links to help their students in their school.

Computing at School

Computing at School

I would recommend the ICT for Education events. They are great way to be involved with a hands-on experience with the product and also to see other technologies that you may not have seen before.



I find them really successful; they work really well for us. We definitely see the value in them.



I’ve been to a lot of ICT events, they are very good and a great brand awareness exercise to establish our brand within the market.