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Share Your Knowledge and Experience at an ICT for Education Event

We are always keen to receive enquiries from those wishing to deliver a keynote at an ICT for Education event or provide an article for our newsletter, Sapientia.

Many of our speakers are or have been teachers. They have knowledge, experience, credibility and a passion for teaching computing as it pertains to education and the importance of technology to the world outside of education to those currently in the classroom.

We are also keen to give a platform for those with knowledge of and responsibility for technologies beyond the classroom, technologies that are key to the running of a school and its provision of a secure learning environment.

We would like to hear from you if you are willing to pass on your experience, provoke thought and discussion and leave an audience wanting more!

"The ICT for Education conferences have been a highlight of my calendar for a number of years now, as these have provided a brilliant opportunity to engage with teachers and the ed tech industry."
Prof. Miles Berry MA MBA FBCS FCCT SFHEA - University of Roehampton