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Steve Woods

Cheshire & Wirral NCCE Computing Lead

My role as hub lead is to determine the programme to support the needs of the schools in the region; ensuring that the NCCE offer is promoted across the region and that teachers are supported to complete the CPD that best fits their needs. 

I am also an NCCE subject matter expert for a number of areas in the North West of England. Over the past 20 years, I have been a primary teacher (ICT coordinator), LA advisory teacher for primary ICT, LA eLearning consultant for primary and secondary, secondary BSF ICT innovator, secondary ICT teacher, lead practitioner for computer science and presently, a computing and ICT consultant. Computer science runs the modern world. I strongly believe we need to be equipping our pupils with the tools to compete in the future. Physical computing is a fantastic way to encourage young people to explore careers in computing and technology.  

I am expecting to be presenting on Physical Computing on a budget. So, the title will be surprisingly : Physical Computing on a Budget.

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