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Doug Dickson

University of Leicester

I have been in primary education for the whole of my working life, all 46 years of it. For the past 20 years, I have worked independently, devoting time to all aspects of enhancing teaching and learning with developing technologies. I have a passion for these new ways of working and am particularly interested in the development of the use of mobile devices to enhance life experience, teaching and learning.

I have the pleasure of working with PGCE students at Leicester University School of Education and guesting at various universities where I support my colleagues in developing strategies to embed the use of technologies in a variety of curriculum contexts. For me, digital technologies  are powerful and significant tools that should transparently enhance the work of dedicated teachers and support and inspire children and students to produce their creative best.

I am an external examiner on the ICT courses at Plymouth University and previously held a similar role at Roehampton. I am also a Naace Fellow and a former Ofsted Primary Inspector. I blog at

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