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Andrew Rothwell

Mount Pleasant Primary School

Andrew has worked at Mount Pleasant Primary School, a 3rd Millennium award winning school, for 11 years. For seven of these years he was deputy headteacher and for two of the years during this period he was an acting headteacher. Andrew previously taught in Liverpool, where he had attended university.

Highlights in Andrew’s primary ICT career to date include: leading a games-based learning project aimed at improving boys’ writing, the findings of which were presented at Bett 2009; and creating the LNF Tracker and supporting schools across Wales at national, consortia and school level in implementing it. Andrew is also running the Effective Leadership of ICT programme for South East Wales, while doing bespoke one-to-one leadership and management sessions with schools. He is classroom-based for three days of the week and for the past year has been testing and refining models for Mass Online Collaboration using cloud-based platforms, tablet technologies and some very creative stimuli.

In June 2014, Andrew tweeted Downing Street asking if Mount Pleasant Primary School could have a VIP visit during the NATO Summit Wales. Weeks later Downing Street emailed back and in September 2014, President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron visited Mount Pleasant Primary School.


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