by: Mark Kelly
They have an ‘open concept’, so it is easy to see which devices are stored in the tower, which ones are being charged, and which ones are fully charged.

Devices are easily deployed to individual students, which saves teachers time. The towers can empower children by enabling them to deploy the devices themselves. The devices are secure as the towers are locked overnight. The towers help IT and admin staff because the charging leads and power leads are fitted into the tower, meaning that children can’t tug them or pull them out of the tower and lose them. PowerGistics will be fitting towers with a USB charging port in the near future.
Each tower comes with a lifetime warranty. The towers are available in four different models: There is a Tower 8, which has eight shelves; a Tower 12, which has twelve shelves; also a Tower 16 and Tower 20. The towers are also available in two different shelf sizes: one for a Chromebook or an iPad that goes up to 11.6cm wide, and one that goes up to 14.8cm wide.
Whilst they do come in a standard colour scheme, they can also be supplied in bespoke colour schemes such as house or school colours. The towers are tough and extremely resilient being built from steel and aluminium so they can be expected to be long-lasting.
This is a relatively simple but effective product which I believe represents exceedingly good value for schools.