by: Mark Kelly
It facilitates feedback between children and schools. Pobble moderate all of the comments made before they go live.

Pobble 365 is their most popular product. It is a really simple lesson plan with story starters and grammar exercises. It’s free too.

Prices for Pobble start at £150 a class. For a full school it would cost around £1,800 a year. Their largest customer school has spent around £21,000.

70,000 teachers now use Pobble on a monthly basis, including use of the free apps. Over 500 schools are now paying to use Pobble, and they are still a fairly young company, having been in existence for four years.  

Pobble’s support team (the Customer Happiness Team) are involved with the set-up and staff training. Post-sales visits are included, including visits to parents’ evenings. In addition to this there is a helpdesk which is always manned.

The product is readibly available. The free options are available immediately on the website. The other products can be purchased online. On-line demos are available, or somebody from Pobble can visit the school.

Pobble are unusual in that they are purely focused on writing. Hitherto, writing seems to have been neglected in terms of technology. Pobble are passionate about their product, and see their mission as being to inspire young imaginations. This is an impressive product which fills a gap in the market and, in my opinion, has a promising future.