Getech education partner

by: Mark Kelly
Their aim is to help schools adopt Google technology within their classrooms. They work with a number of schools directly, and also work with local authorities and managed services providers, together with multiple academy trusts. Their main products are G-suite and Chromebooks.
G-suite is a completely free platform for schools, containing apps which cover all areas of administration, together with teaching and learning. Getech teaches schools how to use these tools efficiently. The storage on Googledrive is completely unlimited for schools. 
According to Getech, Chromebooks are the best tool for teaching and learning within a school environment. Chromebooks boot in ten seconds. Their battery life lasts all day. They’re versatile and affordable. Chromebooks work well both with G-suite and Office 365. Reportedly there is a 92% reduction in time spent troubleshooting in schools that adopt Chromebooks.
Getech offer a no obligation Proof of Concept Programme to any schools who are thinking of adopting Chromebooks. They will lend the school a set of Chromebooks for half a term, so the school can see whether Chromebooks are the correct fit for them as a school. This programme comes with full technical support.
On the G-suite side, there are new integrations coming into Google Classroom. Many teachers have commented that they input information regarding grades and marks into Google Classroom, and then have to enter the same information into the MIS system separately. There are integrations between SIMs and Google Classroom coming shortly.
Google products inarguably have an impeccable pedigree, and Getech clearly are deserving of their ‘premier education partner’ status as they  market the products enthusiastically, and provide excellent post-purchase support.