by: Merk Kelly

 eSchools provides a single sign-on platform featuring all the services that a school needs including a learning platform, communication tools, a school website and features for office staff and governors. The software is user friendly and integrates with a school’s management information system (MIS), updating information automatically, providing teachers with details of students in their class and reducing staff time spent on activities such as registration. 

The school website element of the software is mobile responsive and has built in Google Translate. The communication tools cover school to home communication including email letters, email broadcasts, text messages and app notifications, which are free to use. Parents can log in to school selected areas of the platform as can school governors. 
The learning platform includes numerous features and allows teachers to create class pages, set up homework, share content, create projects, support blogs, store data, take registration and more. The platform includes curriculum content and integrates with a number of popular third-party classroom apps.
eSchools offers both primary and secondary school platforms with prices calculated on a per pupil basis, although the price differs between primary and secondary schools. The software is cloud based, easing the burden on a school’s server, and all data is stored in the UK. The company provides training and a support team. 
This is a flexible and easy to use solution with a great deal of pre- and post-sales support and significant potential to scale in line with a school’s requirements.