by: Mark Kelly
2Eskimos produce a set of reading texts, an app and a website that helps teachers to assess children’s progress in reading. Their target market is key stage 1 and key stage 2, but their product is also used in a special needs context in key stage 3 and key stage 4. 2Eskimos have been writing these systems for eighteen years for other companies. This is the first time that they have released products under their own brand.

Their cheapest products sell for £100. Some of their competitors’ products start at £2,500. For £100 2Eskimos will provide around 90 texts, as many app installations as are required, and access to their website. Their most expensive license is £500 per year.

2Eskimos already provide after sales support for all of the 2Simple products. That equates to around 7,000 schools. 2Eskimos will perform the product set-up for no extra cost. Each school will have a named contact within the 2Eskimos operation.

The 2Eskimos app is easily downloadable from the App Store. A school can be up and running with 2Eskimos within half an hour.

The 2Eskimos product range was only released at Easter 2017, so it is very new. They are currently being used by around 100 schools.

This is a product that has already been proven on the market (albeit under partner company names) for almost two decades. During that time it has become widely used and well respected. I’m sure that under the 2Eskimos brand that success will continue.