What teachers really think of their jobs

*84 per cent think their profession not valued by society*Nearly half (46 per cent) of teachers say morale has declined in last year

*83 per cent of teachers are stressed by their jobs, for an array of reasons

*58 per cent of teachers say they are not paid a fair salary for the job they do

*49 per cent are pessimistic about future pupil achievement and only 27 per cent optimistic

*Despite all this 58 per cent are satisfied with their jobs

Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, said: “The problem arises not from the job itself but from government imposed factors such as low pay and assessment and accountability measures that have little or nothing to do with teaching or learning.”

Mike Parker, director of Schools NorthEast, said: “Teaching isn’t a job it’s a vocation. There is something within teachers that means doing this job pulls at their heart strings. It appeals to their moral compass.”