Simon Carter, Marketing Director at RM comments on the return of in person exams

“The return of in-person exams this summer is the latest shift back to a more normal world for schools in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. After two years of the much-maligned teacher assessed grades underpinning A Level and GCSE exam weeks, there’s no question that students and teachers will both be glad to be back in an exam hall under the watchful eye of an independent moderator. But there’s still more that can be done to overhaul our assessment system in the UK – and a step towards a better educational future need not be a step backwards.”
“While our education sector has done a brilliant job embracing technology to ensure a continuity of quality teaching and learning – with lessons delivered remotely and students collaborating digitally – the majority of schools, and assessment boards, are keen to take that further now that pupils are back in the classroom. After all, digital assessment does more than just put exams online – it makes them fairer, less biased, and reduces the chances of cheating. It is still early days – and the focus for now is to ensure students adapt back to taking examinations as we understand them this summer – but it is encouraging to see both the Education Secretary and OFQUAL assert that the appetite for digital assessment is growing exponentially.”
“The future of education is exciting and evolving faster than it has for many generations – and the next chapter could include how exams are sat in this country.”