Seymour & Lerhn: Immersive Virtual eLearning.

Seymour & Lerhn offer a library interactive virtual tours, lesson plans and resource sheets for primary schools, to make learning immersive and educational. The virtual tours are accessible online, and aim to keep children immersed in education instead of being put off by potential home distractions.

The service has been released for free so teachers can begin to prepare for school closures, as the resources and virtual tours can assist teachers to set work for students to do from home. This is so education can continue, despite disruption of the Coronavirus.All teachers have to do is make an account on, and they will have access to every single teaching resource, lesson plan and virtual tour. From there, teachers can set tasks using the pre-made work sheets for students to complete by incorporating the activity as part of the virtual tours.

This work can be set using any home-school communication service, or by simply printing the worksheets to be sent home.