Schools facing closure to benefit from free learning platform to deliver engaging lessons remotely and manage parent communication efficiently

Simon Hay, Founder and CEO of Firefly Learning – whose learning platform is used in 40 countries worldwide – today announced that his company is offering free access to its learning platform and services until the end of next term to help schools respond to the impact of COVID-19 and the challenges it presents and move to a new way of teaching.

I can offer you:
* Interviews with headteachers who will use the Firefly Learning platform to deliver remote learning
* Interviews with Simon Hay, CEO and Co-Founder of Firefly Learning

* Access resources virtually
* Collaborate on learning remotely
* Get the feedback they need online

* Collaborate and staying in touch with other teachers
* Manage their classes remotely
* Track and share their students’ progress
* Parents
* Keep abreast of the latest updates
* Manage their child’s day
* Minimize the disruption to their child’s learning

School Leaders:

* Reassure their school community
* Provide continuity of learning
* Manage communications effectively
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