Today pi-top, the creative learning company, announce the launch of a new flagship tech product, the pi-top [4]. This modular, go anywhere computer allows anyone to programme and make just about anything. Attach it to a drone or balloon for a bird’s eye view, connect moisture sensors to record environmental changes, control everything from robotic vehicles to stage lights, or wear it to measure movement. The possible applications are endless!
Powered by the hugely successful Raspberry Pi computer, you can turn pi-top [4] into anything and its built-in mini OLED screen can display information on projects you’re running. It also easily connects to any PC, Mac, Chromebook, or pi-top, as well as existing screens, keyboards and mice. Also launching today is pi-top Makers Architecture; a range of accessories, cameras, motors and sensors that allow creators of all ages to start learning by making straight out of the box.
Graham Brown-Martin, Chief Education & Product Officer at pi-top says “We conceived of the pi-top [4] as a modular computer that works anywhere. You can use it at a desk with your existing hardware or strap it to your chest and take readings on the move. It’s your companion for every project.”
pi-top [4] is at the heart of an exciting ecosystem that empowers people to design and build their own creations. pi-top [4] comes with Raspberry Pi’s GPIO connectivity as standard, giving instant access to thousands of free projects, components, resources and support.
Jesse Lozano, pi-top Founder and CEO, says, “Our vision for the future of pi-top is a connected community of teachers, creatives, academics and enthusiasts who are motivated by making change in the world. That could be anything from inspiring a pupil to shooting an incredible film with the help of pi-top [4].”
pi-top inspires learners to seek the skills of tomorrow and create a better future. Extensive research by pi-top’s dedicated education team shows that ‘making’ projects develops creativity, critical thinking and design skills. Consequently pi-top [4] was designed from the ground up to be integrated into school curricula at every level. Schools can also leverage professional development and teacher training from certified members of the pi-top community.
Graham Brown-Martin, Chief Education & Product Officer at pi-top, adds “Learning doesn’t have to be a one way interaction between a teacher and a learner. It can happen anywhere and the best way to better yourself is going where your curiosity takes you. That’s where you make the most important discoveries.”