New parent poll shows education rising to third biggest issue in General Election

The poll shows
  • Voting intention (excluding “would not vote” and “don’t know”): Labour 38% (+1), Conservatives 33% (+1), Liberal Democrats 11% (-2), The Brexit Party 9% (-), UKIP 4% (-) and Greens 4 (-1). Changes w/ 11-13 Nov.
  • ​When asked to choose the two or three most important issues in this election, education came third at 28%. This is a rise of 2% since the same question was put two weeks ago. The top issues remain the NHS (55%) and EU/Brexit (29%).
The poll also invited parents to comment on specific issues:
  • 54% thought that funding for state schools in their area was insufficient, with 32% saying sufficient and 14% don’t know.
  • 78% agree that child poverty is a big issue in Britain today, with 14% saying not a very big issue and just 3% seeing it as no issue at all.
Commenting on the findings of the parent poll,Dr Mary Bousted, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, said: “The importance of education is growing in this election. Parents, alongside teachers, head teachers and support staff, know that if you value education then you must vote for education.”