‘Colossal’ £0.5m wasted per school, claims minister

Lord Agnew told school business managers that the total of £35 million of “essentially misdirected resources” at the 70 schools was a “colossal sum of money”.In a speech to last week’s national conference of the Institute of School Business Leadership, Lord Agnew outlined the results of the financial trouble shooter scheme so far.

We have now done about 70 visits to schools and they have identified over £35 million of essentially misdirected resources,” he said, “so that is a colossal sum of money, particularly when you take into account that some of those are primary schools.

But Lord Agnew has also suggested that national commercial deals negotiated by the DfE to save schools money may be “pants”.

When questioned about school funding in the past, education secretary Damian Hinds has stressed efforts to save money in schools rather than increase their funding, and in August he outlined some results from the resource management advisers’ visits.

Speaking last week, Lord Agnew added: “The very fact that these schools had these sums of money, which on an independent analysis by peers of yours in this room does show you that there is a lot of potential.”