British international schools need 230,000 more teachers

Recognised as the world’s best; a British education is becoming increasingly popular with parents around the world. This is pleasing news for the 4,300 British international schools* which operate globally and make up over 45% of the international school market.

Per the report Teacher Supply in British International Schools (July 2018) by the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) between January 2012 and January 2018, the international schools sector grew by 6% per annum. That’s 450 new schools each year, on average. Proving the market is of profitable value.

In fact, collectively the British international schools’ sector is reportedly worth more than £1 billion. As one of the UK’s leading exports, the sector contributes to the UK economy through franchises, use of educational goods and services, and repatriation of salaries.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a desire for ‘Travel and Cultural Exploration’ tops the list of reasons teachers choose to work in the international schools’ sector, at 71%. This is followed by the prospect of ‘Enjoyment and Challenge’ (63%.)However, disappointingly, a ‘Dissatisfaction with Home Education System’ is the third most prolific reason, with 47% of teachers agreeing so. The potential for ‘Career Growth’ (45%) and ‘Salary’ (44%) are other, prominent factors as to why teachers work abroad. Of less interest, regarding the reasons teachers choose to work in the international schools’ sector, is ‘Cost of Living’ (24%) and ‘CPD and Training’ at 15%.

Comparably, Teaching Abroad Direct found the reasons teachers might leave the international schools’ sector and return to the UK to be led by ‘Family Commitments’ (45%) and simply a desire to ‘Return Home’ (41%.