Ballot set to close in crucial vote over teachers’ pay

They argue that teachers’ pay has not kept up with comparable professions and fallen by a fifth in value in real terms since 2010. The headline offer from councils and the government is worth 3% although they say many would get more.

The results of the vote are expected to be announced either late on Tuesday afternoon or on Wednesday.

But both unions are anticipating a decisive rejection of the offer.

If the offer is rejected, representatives will seek fresh talks with the Scottish government and councils on an improved pay offer.

If this does not happen, the next steps for the unions would be a move towards industrial action.

Normally, the EIS would hold an indicative or “unofficial” ballot on industrial action first.

This would not provide the legal backing for action but could give an indication of the strength of feeling and provide a powerful negotiating tool.
An official ballot needs to be conducted under strict rules.

Before action can take place, 50% of members need to vote and at least 40% of those who are eligible to take part need to back ac