8 offerings of free education resources to support schools


  1. The Smallpeice Trust launches free ‘Engineering at Home’ activities for children of all ages
Smallpiece Trust

The Smallpeice Trust is a charity aimed at helping young people become engaged with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). The Smallpeice Trust has created a new programme of engineering projects with a new challenge set every Wednesday, that will be offered at no cost.
The challenges are all linked to the national curriculum and can be completed using everyday resources around the house. Every project will be aided by learning objectives, an instruction sheet and video as a way to take pressure away from teachers and parents. An online tutorial element is also available through The Smallpeice Trust’s YouTube channel, outlining how students can utilise their resources to complete the challenge. The projects are perfectly aligned to the British Science Association’s CREST’s Star Award, enabling students to receive national recognition for their STEM achievements.
  1. The British Science Association’s free CREST activities support children with their STEM education
British Science
Created by the British Science Association (BSA), CREST is a nationally recognised awards scheme for student-led project work in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects. The CREST activities are aimed at students aged 5-19 and are free and available on the CREST website.
CREST offers engaging educational resources that are designed to be undertaken independently, so are uniquely placed to aid home-learning. Each activity also provides detailed lesson plans and extended learning ideas.
Additionally, most of the CREST activities require very few materials, and those that are required, are items that can often be found around the house. As we understand this is a hard time for families across the country, and want to ensure that our resources are accessible for all.
The BSA has various project-based, curriculum relevant, learning activities for children of all ages to improve their STEM knowledge in a fun, hands on and engaging way.
  1. DFRobot launches free access to STEM based education resources for teachers and students
DF Robot
DFRobot is a robotics, open source hardware and STEM education solution provider for primary and secondary-aged students. Specialising in innovative and user-friendly hardware and software products, students can engage in a variety of electronic projects and continue their STEM learning at home.
DFRobot is offering free access to its STEM-based education resources for teachers and students around the world to access as they work and learn from home. The interactive resources include lesson plans and step-by-step project tutorials which cover a range of topics and platforms including the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The project-based learning activities enable teachers and students to get creative and build up their STEM knowledge and skills during school closures. 
  1. Matific supports schools and students with complimentary access to online maths resources
Matific is an online maths resource used by thousands of schools. Matific’s activities, worksheets and word problems, make it an ideal resource for distance learning. It combines fun activities with a rigorous pedagogy ensuring students are kept engaged, whether at school or at home. It is also translated into 26 languages.
To support schools through the current COVID-19 closures, global provider of primary maths learning content, Matific is offering all schools 60 days complimentary access. Due to the current urgent need for high quality online learning content, Matific is setting up schools’ and students’ access quickly and easily. All learning content is aligned to the curriculum; offering a problem-solving approach to maths.
  1. Edmentum enables personalised remote learning with free access to EducationCity
education city

EducationCity is a leading personalised learning resource for primary school students aged 3-12 years. Providing engaging education resources and games, EducationCity supports teaching and learning of English, maths and science and is aligned with the UK curriculum. It can also assess and track students’ progress, providing teachers and parents with insight into knowledge gaps in order to better support their learning. The assessment function also provides much-needed reassurance that students are continuing to progress with their learning.
Committed to supporting educators and students, EducationCity is offering free, 24-hour access to schools during school closures.
Understanding the urgent need to also support parents during this unprecedented time, EducationCity is also offering free webinars to parents on how to use this resource.

  1. Encyclopaedia Britannica’s free ‘LaunchPacks’ resource empowers students to learn curriculum-aligned content remotely
Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopaedia Britannica has always had a mission to provide everybody, including students, with reliable, factchecked information that can be trusted by all. LaunchPacks is an innovative education resource that provides curriculum-aligned multi-media content sets on a large variety of classroom subjects. By providing access to articles, videos and primary sources to match lesson content, LaunchPacks enables students to learn seamlessly from a remote location with information taught in schools. LaunchPacks is being offered to students and schools for free that have been affected by school closures until the 1st September 2020.
  1. Cypher Learning supports teachers and students with its free learning management system plan

NEO is a learning management system (LMS) that helps teachers to create and manage all learning activities, including building online classes, assessing students, enhancing collaboration, and tracking progress and achievement.
Its free plan has been designed for schools and teachers looking for a simple way to get started with e-learning. Students have access to gamified content and interactive quizzes to help them stay motivated and enjoy learning, while teachers are able to create a mix of self-paced, blended and instructor-led classes as well as competency based learning to effectively support efficient teaching and learning.
The resource – available now and beyond the COVID-19 period – can be used by schools with up to 400 students, with no limit on the number of teachers and admin users. It also includes premium technical support for 14 days to help teachers get set up, as well as comprehensive plans, and groups, chats and forums.  
  1. MyConcern supports schools to safeguard their data free of charge until September 2020

MyConcern is an online safeguarding solution founded by former Senior Police officers Martin Baker QPM and Mike Glanville, both of whom have extensive experience of school governance.
As a well-established safeguarding company, MyConcern recognise the incredibly difficult situation that educators face in this uncertain time. Consequently, they want to help those schools who believe they would benefit from an online safeguarding recording and case management system during this crisis. 
They are therefore offering access to the MyConcern Safeguarding Software free of charge to all schools that currently don’t have an electronic record keeping system.  This service will be free of charge until September 2020 by which time we hope that schools will have resumed ‘normal service’.