Recruiting staff for your school?
It isn’t easy!

"ITV News reports that school leaders and teaching unions in the region have said that more teachers are leaving due to excessive workload, meaning schools are struggling to recruit good staff – and putting educational standards at risk."

- ITV News,  2017

Why not see if ICT for Education can help?
A well established, trusted source of information for teachers, ICT for Education has an active network of over 30,000 education professionals at over 10,000 schools across the South East, South West, North East, North West, the Midlands and East Anglia.
Our database consists of: headteachers, class teachers, school business managers, network managers, ICT coordinators, and other education professionals in primary, secondary, independent and special needs' schools across the UK.
ICT for Education offers a range of options for schools looking to recruit teaching and non-teaching staff:
* Advert on recruitment e-newsletter, sent monthly to 30,000 education professionals
* Bespoke e-mailer sent to up to 30,000 education professionals
To find out more how to give your school the best chance of successfully recruiting staff, please contact Ian Loosemore.

Recruitment News
When I was a deputy, I can remember sitting down with the headteacher to begin the sifting process for a teaching position that had been advertised for our school. We had over 200 applications. The Primary Head writes in Teachwire.
My Facebook feed has recently become flooded with DfE videos trying to encourage people to teach. In a break from my usual fare of adorable cats or restaurants selling Harry Potter-themed doughnuts.
The Observer reports that ministers have failed to meet their own teacher recruitment targets for five years in a row, leading to 10,000 fewer secondary school teachers being hired than intended.