Technology will be critical as schools begin to reopen

Simon Carter, Marketing and Propositions Director, RM Education considers aspects of this, commenting on some of the challenges faced, available resources and the enhanced role of technology in the classroom.

Commenting: “With some schools and Academy Trusts reopening for small numbers of pupils today, Head Teachers and Governors aren’t experiencing a return to regular operations but instead having the initial lockdown challenge replaced with an entirely new one. There is now a real pressure on senior leaders to maintain the same level of remote education for pupils in the year groups who are not eligible to attend, or for those pupils who are in eligible year groups but who cannot physically be in the classroom”.

Adding: “Thankfully, the growing number of resources available online – such as the Oak Academy and BBC educational resources – mean teachers and schools have more content available to help create engaging remote lessons than ever before; and with the right technology in place – whether that be via Office 365 Education from Microsoft or Google Classroom – the means to deliver it to students no matter where they’re based.  Add to this the Government’s current commitment to fund this platform for any school that is unable to deliver teaching remotely for its pupils, there is every reason for these senior leaders to feel confident about this challenge. 

Throughout the pandemic, the use of technology has become critical and is now an enabler of high-quality education at a time when teachers need it most. From embracing collaborative tools to interactive online content, we can expect the role of technology in and out of the classroom to grow as teachers take the learnings from the last three months and apply them in the post-pandemic world.

R M Education