Insight into the day in a life of a teacher

With millions of schoolchildren and students staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic, parents are presented with the challenge of managing their children's education while maintaining their own workload.

PowerGistics, a leading provider of innovative space-saving charging solutions for the classroom believes parents will gain new insights into ‘a day in the life of a teacher’ as they juggle their day to day duties with learning to become a teacher to ensure their children continue their education at home in these difficult times.


Portable electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones play an important part in the home classroom environment, directly supporting learning, access to education resources and research in addition to communication directly with teachers and online education providers.

With more people at home using portable devices for longer, there is demand on charging sockets, with safety experts warning about overloading outlets and daisy chaining extension leads, as all those in the household compete to charge their devices. This is exposing parents to the same frustrations faced daily by school teachers and administrative staff. However, rather than managing the needs of just a few people and a handful of devices, schools are faced with managing the charging needs of numerous classrooms. .

This gives many at home a new found appreciation of the work of both schools and companies such as PowerGistics that work hard to ensure all devices are stored safely, fully charged and ready to deploy, rather than requiring teachers to search school for charged devices and power cords.

A suitable solution

PowerGistics charges more devices in less space through its innovative and versatile mobile, wall and floor mounted towers. Single towers are capable of accommodating 8, 12, 16 or 20 iPads, tablets, laptops or Chromebooks. Towers are easily located within the classroom, school library, or media centre. As you would expect, all device cables are neatly secured and fully protected in the back spine, while the steel door secures the devices with a key locking system, protecting a schools investment in tablets and laptops.
Dedicated slots keep devices aligned with their correct charge cord and as all devices are stored in their natural position, potential damage and excess wear and tear on cables and ports is eliminated. PowerGistics unique patented ‘pinch point cable management system’ enhances this protection further to prevent students from tugging on and potentially damaging charging cords.
           PowerGistics Towers can securely accommodate from 8 to 20 devices for simultaneous charging.

PowerGistics provides a simple, effective, secure space saving storage and charging solution that gives teachers the visibility of classroom devices held within the charging tower, essential when integrating technology into any classroom seamlessly. With all towers backed by PowerGistics lifetime warranty, budgets are protected and peace of mind guaranteed. For students, iPads, laptops and Chromebooks can be more easily accessed, limiting queue time and capitalising on learning time.
PowerGistics understands how time strapped teachers working long hours should not bear the burden of locating devices to be deployed for their lessons. Similarly, students should not be limited in lessons due to devices not being fully charged and ready when needed to make the most of each and every lesson. PowerGistics’ research indicates that schools using its tower device store and charging solutions are gaining up to 21 days of time every school year.

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