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The Daily Mail is reporting that data protection campaigners have warned that schools could be ‘normalising children to surveillance’ as more than a thousand schools are thought to be monitoring children’s internet usage.
Managing school finances well is a ‘moral and ethical issue’
TES is reporting that union leaders have emphasised the importance of managing finances in a school efficiently.
The TES is reporting that critics say parents and pupils are kept in the dark about snooping software used to monitor students’ computer use
Teaching assistants’ pay strike sees County Durham schools close
The BBC is reporting that more than 100 schools are either closed or cutting classes as a 48-hour strike by teaching assistants in County Durham gets under way.
TES is reporting that Lord Baker has commented that every school in the country should have a 3D printer.
Fears that decline in pupils writing outside school could affect attainment
TES is reporting that a recent survey has shown that numbers of children writing outside of school has dropped, leading to concerns over its impact on attainment.
The BBC is reporting that thousands of smaller primaries and secondaries in England are becoming financially unviable, heads say. The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) says one-form entry primaries and secondaries with 600 pupils or fewer will “fall off a cliff” financially unless new funds are found.
School-leavers ‘lack essential workplace skills’
The BBC is reporting that most young adults who are leaving school, lack ‘essential’ skills that would help them in the workplace.
The BBC is reporting that a charity has warned young children’s education is in jeopardy as there is a shortage of qualified nursery teachers.
ONS statistics show the gender pay gap has narrowed to 18.1 per cent .......
The TES is reporting that pencil-and-paper assignments beat online projects in raising primary pupils’ progress, because staff can be more flexible and respond to students’ needs more easily.
Toby Young to take over as head of New Schools Network
Toby Young, the controversial journalist turned educationalist, has been appointed as the head of a government-funded charity to promote free schools in England, according to the Guardian.
The BBC is reporting that the government has decided to drop a bill to convert schools to academies.
Anglo-Portuguese School of London appoints Premier New Schools for initial pre-opening phase
Premier New Schools is pleased to announce that .........
TES is reporting that one union leader has written that teachers’ pay cuts cannot continue.
New teachers: 30% of 2010 intake quit within five years
The BBC is reporting that recent data has revealed an alarming drop-out rate in teachers leaving the teaching profession since 2010.
The TES is reporting that strike action in Durham over plans to cut teaching assistant pay by almost a quarter have been stepped up.
Best head teachers get paid least – study
The BBC is reporting that he school system systematically fails to recognise the head teachers who make the biggest impact in improving pupils’ chances, research suggests.
The TES is reporting that teaching assistants are undervalued and under-rewarded, according to Arron Bevan-John, a former teaching assistant.
Rural schools under pressure as number of teachers falls significantly
ITV News is reporting that a recent report has revealed that teachers are leaving the profession in increasing numbers.
TES is reporting that pension deficits could mean that many academies will cut teaching staff.
Nearly half of autistic children ‘have been illegally excluded from schools’
The Daily Mail is reporting that recent figures reveal that nearly half of autistic children in schools in England have been illegally excluded from schools.
Get Surrey reports that more than 50 new schools could have to be built in Surrey by 2020 to cope with the school population bulge, according to public sector building specialists.
The State of Mathematics in the UK - 19th January 2017
Ensuring Skills for the Future, Quality of Teaching and Compulsory Maths to 18 -
The TES is reporting the findings of a new analysis that lays bare the extent of the teacher recruitment difficulties faced by .......
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Out with the old school? The rise of ed tech in the classroom

The Guardian reports that startups are creating toys that teach robotics, games that help kids code and apps for teachers in an industry forecast to be worth £129bn by 2020.

‘If schools stop teachers fleeing the profession, budgets will look after themselves’

The Tes reports that one department head provides her advice on maximising resources, reducing workload and improving productivity in schools.