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Crick Software’s child-friendly literacy tool, Clicker, is being used in thousands of primary schools around the world to raise reading and ........
Home education in England has increased by over 300%
The Voice Online reports that a new study looking into the growth of home education in England has revealed a 361% increase in the number of children being taught at home over the last ten years.
The Independent reports that teachers are stuck in roles they can no longer cope with but can’t leave because of their financial circumstances, says Education Datalab head.
8 Ways The Internet Has Changed Learning A Language
It’s no secret that the internet has changed everything, from shopping to friendship to entertainment to music.
The BBC reports that young children’s maths, English and communication skills improve if they use iPads in school on a regular basis.
'Effectively Managing Teacher Workloads'
The National Union of Teachers (NUT) conducted a survey of over 16,000 teachers in September last year and found that: 90% of teachers had considered giving up teaching in the last two years because of workload.
This July, teachers will have the chance to step out of the classroom setting and into the technology industry with the IBM Computing Summer School .......
Core academic teachers ‘leaving profession’.
The BBC reports that maths, science and language teachers in England have high rates of leaving the profession, particularly in their first five years, a study finds...
As the final resignation deadline approaches for teachers, SecEd‘s headteacher diarist is facing a month of sleepless nights…
Our exam board will keep setting hard questions, no matter what students tweet.
Kunal Gandhi says in i News, “As the Social Media Manager at exam board AQA, I’m willing to bet that I’m about to get a lot busier.”
EducationCity, the award-winning online teaching, learning and assessment resource, will be running a .......
It’s time to stop demonising SATs – we need to test 11-year-olds.
The Telegraph reports that there’s lots of discussion this week about SATs and whether they should be binned. Mark Lehain, a free school founder, principal and parent argues that testing 11 years olds in an important thing for schools to do.
The National Union of Teachers (NUT) conducted a survey of over 16,000 teachers in September last year and found that: 90% of teachers had considered giving up teaching in the last two years because of workload.
Wigan schools get anti-bullying app.
Wigan Today reports that technology is helping to lead the fight against bullying at Wigan borough schools.
The TES reports that for too many teachers........
Kitronik becomes official micro:bit wholesaler
Company to distribute the device globally as part of agreement reached with the Micro:bit Educational Foundation.
“With funding per pupil set to fall in real terms by 6.5%1, more and more UK schools are ......
Teacher knows best? Not any longer as parents muscle in on the classroom
The Guardian reports that when Geoff Barton started teaching in 1985, parents’ evening – a brief five-minute chat – was the only time teachers saw most mums and dads.
Love hands-on learning? Have the need for speed? F1 in Schools is for you!
-Resource Supports Tests, Transition and Mental Health Awareness Week - Jenny Edrds CBE, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation
The Socialist Worker reports that workers at three schools in south east London began a coordinated two-day strike against cuts this week.
One in four school staff lack a degree in the key subject they teach.
The Daily Mail reports that more than a quarter of teachers in many key subjects do not have a relevant degree in their field – and the problem is getting worse, research suggests.
Education Business reports that radicalisation is seen as the top concern in schools, overtaking cyber bullying and child grooming, research shows.
Roy Blatchford: ‘Does recruitment need to be like this?’
Roy Blatchford argues that the profession can no longer afford to waste precious resources on advertising for teachers and school leaders.
Erin Miller is a teacher and reports in The Guardian.
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Out with the old school? The rise of ed tech in the classroom

The Guardian reports that startups are creating toys that teach robotics, games that help kids code and apps for teachers in an industry forecast to be worth £129bn by 2020.

‘If schools stop teachers fleeing the profession, budgets will look after themselves’

The Tes reports that one department head provides her advice on maximising resources, reducing workload and improving productivity in schools.