by: Mark Kelly
SonicWall have partnered with an organisation called Fastview. They produce simple reports relating to IT use and security, which enable both the school and OFSTED to ensure that legislative requirements are being met. The reporting required for Prevent is provided as a separate category rather than being integrated with other categories. The reporting is done in real time.

SonicWall are also partnered with Switchshop who help with migration when the IT security service provider is changed.

For a primary school the cost for three years would be around £5,000 - £6,000. For a secondary school, college or university the cost would be higher. Three, four and five year options are available.

Over 2,000 schools use SonicWall in the UK, of which 200-300 are primary schools. If the school buys a licensed bundle, that comes with 24/7 telephone support. If the product fails for any reason, they guarantee a next business day swap-out.

In theory, a firewall could be set up on the next business day. However, SonicWall tend to view their product as more of a project tailored to meet the needs of the individual client school, so the lead time can be anything from two to twelve months.

SonicWall have the most comprehensive IT security product on the education market, providing filtering, reporting and firewall security elements.