by: Mark Kelly
Thereare two options for doing this. The first is that they install the necessary software on the schools’ devices. They have a library of words and phrases, whereby if any of these are detected, it creates a ‘capture’, which is a screenshot that records the user, the device they were using, the word or phrase that was used, and that updates the cloud console that Securus operate. The designated safeguarding officer in the school would then look at the capture to decide how severe or otherwise the apparent transgression is.
Safeguarding is currently escalating up the agenda, and schools not only need to be on top of internet security, they have to be seen to be so. Securus helps them to achieve that aim.
The software is very easy to be installed onto the client devices. It is deployed across the network by the IT manager. Securus can have a client ‘up and running’ with their product within half-an-hour to an hour. The second of the two options mentioned earlier is Securus Net. With this the software is deployed at network level to cover all other non-Windows devices. This covers all devices that are brought into the school. Anybody who connects with the school wi-fi network will then be monitored.
The latest release of the product has incorporated several elements of AI into the software. The aim being to make the safeguarding lead’s job easier with regard to the volume of information that they have to look at. There is now an Assisted Monitoring Service. Using the same software, they have a team of monitoring experts who monitor the captures on behalf of the school, and alert the school to anything of concern. This obviously saves a great deal of teachers’ time.
This is a comprehensive IT security product providing a number of options for keeping children safe online. It has much to recommend it. More information can be found here: