Prowise screens

by: Mark Kelly
They provide their own range of touch screens. The screens are mobile and have their own built-in PC modules. As long as there is a plug socket, you can move your screen anywhere in the school. It can be tilted, or go flat into table mode so the children can stand around it and interact.
They also manufacture other devices including Chromebooks. They also have a range of Windows notebooks. Both of these can fold into tablet mode, or be used as a laptop.
The new Prowise screens are 32 point touch, with 16 points of writing. With screens that go flat sizes go up to 55” or 65”. Screens that have a lift to adjust height go up to 75” or 86”. The screens are fitted with 4mm toughened glass. There is a six speaker built-in soundbar, with a sub-woofer at the back. There are also four wide area microphones. Additionally there is a HD camera that attaches to the screen with an infra-red camera that can track children’s movements, and put their image onscreen so that they can play games on the screen from six feet in front of it. This encourages children to be physically active while they are learning. There is a five year full warranty with Prowise products. This covers every single component within the screen.
Prowise create their own software called Presenter, which is cloud based. Schools can have a site license, and Prowise allow them as many teacher-users as they require. The software is free of charge. There is infinite cloud storage provided.  All other software can be imported into the Prowise software.
Prowise have recently launched a new version of their software called Presenter 10. It has been available since January 2019 as a beta version. So effectively it is still in development whilst being tested in the field.
Prowise products are in a constant state of evolution. They are very high quality, and clearly highly regarded within the education market.