by: Mark Kelly
It covers the maths curriculum from inception to key stage 2. It offers online games, which are known as episodes; also worksheets with questions, and lesson plans. The episodes teach the basic theories and mathematical concepts behind the games. Matific’s approach is to assume that children haven’t been taught any mathematical concepts previously, so they are essentially starting from scratch. Other products assume that the children have a certain amount of prior knowledge. They also sometimes encourage the children to compete against each other. Matific doesn’t do this, as it is aiming to alleviate maths anxiety.

Matific has a dedicated support team to whom teachers can send queries, which will be answered straight away. They are available during standard office hours. There are also regional representatives who are available to visit schools and provide training on site, or online via webinars.

In terms of ease of purchase, it can be purchased online and be ready to use the next day. Matific is used in 40 countries worldwide, but only in around 30 schools in the UK. However, they expect that to increase in the not too distant future.

This is a very flexible product designed by teachers with pupils in mind. It has a back to basics approach which is intended to build pupils’ mathematical prowess from the ground up.