Maths Tutor

by: Gareth Davies
Daydream Education’s Maths Tutor app provides schools with a complete maths learning solution. It’s aligned to the National Curriculum and incorporates a huge variety of tutorials, interactivities, real-life scenarios and assessments to facilitate learning and improve pupils’ understanding of key maths skills and topics. I initially trialled it with two classes, but it was so successful that it’s now being used from Years 2 to 6.

Maths Tutor has become part of our weekly maths lessons. My pupils go on to the app and perform very focused and engaging tasks. They like having a unique login, which they can use across any device. The competitive element of the app has also proved very popular. Pupils can earn gold stars and trophies, and really push themselves to practice things they’ve learned so they can better their personal scores.

But it’s not just the pupils that are benefitting. The app has helped some of our teachers too. For example, the concept of time can be one of the biggest headaches for a classroom teacher, largely because it is one of those rare cases in mathematics where there is often a diverse ability range. The app includes an interactive clock that breaks the whole concept down into very manageable chunks and allows teachers to see where each child is in terms of progress. Videos and tutorials also allow children to progress at their own speed.

Using Maths Tutor we have managed to change our pupils’ attitudes to maths and improve their mathematical skills. Maths Tutor is solid, interactive and specifically for children, there is no comparison. I would recommend it to schools wholeheartedly.