Leba Innovation

by: Mark Kelly

 Leba Innovation produces systems to manage, store, charge, synchronies and transport iphones, tablets and laptops within a school. One of its most popular products is a trolley called NoteCart Flex. The company also produces lockers and cupboards for safe storage, charging and synchronisation of ICT devices. The NoteCart Flex can store and transport a mixture of devices and can help make static solutions mobile.

Leba sells products that are aimed at both primary and secondary schools. One product particularly useful to primary schools are soft bags that can be used to carry devices safely on field trips outside. The bags have also been adapted to fit into the company’s trolleys. The bags are in bright colours making it easy for children to recognise which bag is required. 
A new product coming out soon provides secure storage for a tablet. It can be wall mounted and unlocked using a pin code that is unique to either a pupil or teacher. The product is well suited to areas such as libraries, where students may want to use the tablets alongside other resources. The storage product can recognise who has removed a device and remind the user if the device is not returned within a certain timeframe. 
Leba aims to build maximum flexibility into its products so that they can evolve with a school. For example, a bag bought to store iphones can be easily adapted to store tablets. 
While most of Leba’s products are not unique, the company makes a conscious effort to provide high quality and value for money.