LEB Partnership

by: Mark Kelly
The Promethean Active Table is a multiple interaction device. This means that up to six pupils can use the product simultaneously. For example, if a teacher wanted to perform an intervention with four pupils whose knowledge of angles was weak, they could have a breakout session performing a task specifically related to angles. The product comes with 165 activities, and it helps pupils to interact together.

The product is mostly aimed at primary and special needs schools. There are other interactive tables on the market, but none with the kind of in depth content that the Promethean Active Table has. There is content for Key Stage 1 and 2. Other tables are generic with no content loaded. It is very robust and is designed with the classroom in mind, being splash-proof and fitted with 3mm toughened glass.

The table costs around £3,000. This includes the built-in computer, so it can be used with Microsoft products or any other software.

After purchase there are two free half-day training sessions. Additionally there is a five year on-site warranty. A helpline is available from 8.30 till 6pm on weekdays.

A demonstration can be set up within a week, and it is also possible to trial the product in schools. When buying, the product can be delivered within seven working days.

This is a very impressive product that helps children learn whilst they have fun.