iBoardTouch 64"

by: Mark Kelly
The hardware is incredibly robust, featuring 7mm gorilla glass on the screen. The screens range from 10 point touch to 32 point touch. The software is market-leading and comes free with the screen.

Material that has been created using other products can easily be added to the iBoardTouch software, without the need for clunky conversions.

They have recently introduced new technology in the form of capacity digitising screens. This means that the screens are like those on a smartphone or a tablet, in that it is ‘edge to edge’ technology without any infra-red beams. This technology is already being used on the 64” and 85” screens.

Their target market is basically any establishment within the education sector. As iBoardTouch have complete control of the development of both their hardware and software, they are able to outstrip any of their competitors in terms of product development. They spend a great deal of time and money on the constant evolution of their product, and are always listening for what their customers’ requirements are.

In terms of cost, a 64” screen will cost less than £2,000. If a client goes elsewhere for their hardware, the iBoardTouch software can be sold as a stand-alone product. A full six year on-site warranty is provided. When this warranty has lapsed, they still provide support for the software “for life”, including free upgrades. It is estimated that the hardware will last for at least thirty years. They carry a huge range of stock (as do their resellers) so next-day delivery is possible.

This is a very high quality product which is constantly being improved, and has excellent hardware, software, and post-sale support.