Group Call

by: Mark Kelly
PayOurSchool is free of charge for any Messenger customer, with which it is fully integrated, as it is with the Expressions app. It also integrates with all MIS systems. The only cost to the school is a transaction fee of 1.5% which the school can pass on to parents, although the school can pay it themselves if they wish. Invoices can be sent to parents by email or text. There is no charge for the use of credit or debit cards. It also manages cash payments. PayOurSchool creates reports of outstanding balances, together with accounting reports.

There is no parent portal for PayOurSchool, so schools won’t be bombarded with questions sent via the product.

Group Call have a telephone support team who are fifteen strong and available during business hours. There is also the option of live chat on Messenger.

PayOurSchool can be set up for Messenger or Expressions customers within a day or two.

It’s free of charge and makes life a lot easier for schools. It saves time and money in terms of paper and administrative staff hours.

This product is a worthy addition to the GroupCall armoury and will be a useful lubricant for the administrative machinery of the schools which use it.