by: Mark Kelly

The platform corrolates the data of all users, be it a parent, a guardian, a student or a teacher; or in fact any admin user in the school office, so they have access to all the data they need. They can use that data to communicate, collaborate and report on the success of both students and staff.
Within the platform, data concerning behaviour, attainment, attendance, progress, medication is contained within the student’s record, which gives the stakeholders with permission access to key information in real time, anytime, on any device. It also gives the ability to consolidate a disparate amount of software technologies into one platform, which enables the user to manage each element of the teaching day. It also saves schools money by having all of their technology on one platform, obviating the need to pay for different technologies. It also digitises a lot of manual processes, helping to minimise the use of paper and reduce the school’s carbon footprint.
The Faronics Wise platform is hosted in Amazon Web Services in Europe, which incidentally has a 100% up time record, so as well as being very secure is also very robust compared to other cloud based platforms. In fact there are three Separate centres across Europe so in the unusual occurrence of one data centre failing, the others can step in. Being a cloud based platform obviates the need for onsite servers. This is another way in which the platform reduces cost for schools. It is also possible to update data from any device. This means that both students and parent/guardians can access the student’s homework from their own devices. There is a two step authentication to access data, which is very secure.
It’s written in the php scripting language. This is very agile, which means things can be tweaked very quickly. For example, if the Department of Education requires the need for a patch update, Faronics Wise can incorporate these changes in as little as four hours.
There are many future developments planned for the platform. One of the most impressive is linking the platform to Alexa. This will enable parents to verbally check on the whereabouts of their children, their performance at school, whether they have homework, their behaviour and their attendance.  The parent can also communicate with the school through Alexa. It is hoped that this will be released early next year. Faronics are also working on a sophisticated exam module. Additionally they are looking at linking to multiple finance packages for the platform.
Faronics launched their Early Access Programme at BETT this year. It provides any school looking to move to a modern MIS platform a low risk entry. The Early Access Programme provides the school with the ability to transfer all of their data, customise their platform and have full training on the user portals at no cost.
The Faronics Wise platform is an impressively innovative product that is in a state of constant development. It will help with the efficiency of any school and is highly recommended