by: Mark Kelly
The product provides tools that allow schools and colleges to mass communicate with parents and guardians. Consent requests can be issued automatically by linking with data from the school’s MIS. It also provides authorisations which are customised to the school’s policies. It records who authorises when and in what order. That can be a two stage authorisation comprising initial authorisation and final authorisation. It can also do Health and Safety risk assessments. When the consent forms are issued parents are requested to provide details of any medical conditions that their children may suffer from, and any medical details that may have changed since the last submission. These details can be accessed by teachers whilst the trip is in progress.
One of the benefits that the product brings to client schools is saving teachers’ time. It takes away the need for physical paperwork. Multiple users can access the data from different locations and using different devices simultaneously. It also provides audit tracking information.
The software is cloud based, hosted by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. It links directly into MIS systems, and is built in a platform.
eduTrips are going through a significant development phase at the moment. They are consulting teachers and other uses about the features that they would like to see added to the product. For example, a payments feature is currently being planned, as is writing back to MIS systems to integrate back into those. Also a single sign-in feature should be added at the beginning of next year. There is also a very useful reporting tool already in situ.
This is a very impressive product that is constantly being further developed for the future.