by: Mark Kelly
To manage their liability by acting on parental consent and information, and to meet their duty of care obligation by ensuring that teachers and staff have accurate information so that they know what to do, who to call, and what to tell a paramedic if anything goes wrong with regard to a pupil.
CareMonkey automates all of the school’s administrative processes, medical processes, their forms, their permission processes, whether for parents or for staff. They automate the distribution of paperwork and the collection of paperwork. They link forms to medical processes to ensure that people are providing accurate medical information. They notify teachers when they’ve been assigned responsibility for a group of students. All the teachers then have to do is to log into the free CareMonkey app and they will see the parental content and information that is available to them.
The information on CareMonkey is retained for as long as the school needs to retain it. It is time-stamped for the life of the student at school. It should be pointed out that CareMonkey are fully GDPR compliant. Indeed, CareMonkey help schools to be GDPR compliant themselves, because rather than teachers taking sensitive information offsite in a folder, all of that information is now saved onto a secure portable device.
CareMonkey saves schools time and money as they no longer need to produce and reproduce paper forms. Data storage is cloud based. It is a service to which schools subscribe. After twelve months it is up to the school whether or not they renew their subscription. There is no obligation.
This product manages the entire end-to-end trip process, from all of the internal paperwork, to gathering parental consent, to making information available to the teachers taking pupils on excursions.
Caremonkey is a product that makes savings for schools in terms of both teacher time and money. It helps schools to meet their obligations both in terms of duty of care and GDPR. It offers a comprehensive service and is a very impressive product