Barracuda Backup

by: Lee Palmer

 We chose Barracuda Backup because the updates are very competitively priced and a three-year maintenance plan was included. The fact that you don’t need to have individual client access licenses for different types of servers and that you can have an unlimited amount of backup is great. The benefit of linking up to the Barracuda cloud control was an unexpected bonus because it allows me to make changes when I’m off-site.

The roll-out was a breeze. The interface is similar across all products from Barracuda Networks and is really user friendly and easy to configure. We had it up and running within a couple of hours and the first backup was completed within eight or nine hours. This was a huge improvement on our previous tape-storage solution, which took around three days for data to be transferred.

Barracuda Backup keeps itself up-to-date when it’s idle. It automatically downloads and installs updates with no need for human intervention. Previously, I had to manually check for updates every month and each update would take me around two hours to run and would be followed by a lengthy reboot.
Barracuda Backup has exceeded my expectations and has saved the school over £6,000 in the process. For me, the best things about it are its cost effectiveness and its low impact – it’s easy to use and configure and there is no complicated set-up process.