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Please find a selection of news stories relating to technology in education and to the challenges facing schools and teachers.
C-Live is a virtual reality computer-generated training aid. It places trainee teachers into a virtual classroom in front of computer-generated avatar pupils.
St John's Church of England Primary School - Installation
TrouDigital produce versatile and resilient digital signage which enables customers to deliver targeted information to teachers, staff and visitors using a wide range of media tools.
They can communicate expressively using facial gestures, spoken words and coloured light. They are able to ‘see’ faces, movement, and colour; and they can ‘hear’ spoken words and typed text. Children are able to develop algorithms that use these inputs and outputs to give the robots human-like behaviour.
London, United Kingdom, Announcing the launch of Volangua. Created by a collective of professionals from the language education sector, with a mission to make learning a language accessible to everyone, Volangua aims to change the way people access and participate in language courses.
Our brand new Starter Pack of 4 has been designed to offer schools the ability to bring Virtual Reality into the classroom for only £1249.00
JD.com, China’s largest retailer, is using its advanced technology to bring augmented reality (AR) features to a picture book that teaches children how to interact safely with strangers.
A fully integrated 50 Touch Projected Capacitive Touch Table available in 4K & HD. It includes an ANDROID control system and choices of specification for integrated PC, the 65” version is electronically height adjustable making it perfect for meeting rooms, classrooms, reception areas and events.
I have regularly attended the BETT Show for the past few years now, and my reaction upon entering the hall is always the same: No matter how well I’ve researched the stands that I want to visit, as soon as I walk in I feel almost overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the event. I know that I am going to see exciting products that I simply have to investigate, or that I will be pulled aside by an exhibitor who will show me a new product that simply blows my mind. Mark Kelly
The award-winning creative learning company announces the pi-top [4], and with it, a bold new chapter for the company.
Copenhagen, Denmark, 22 January 2019 – Shape Robotics is set to premiere its latest educational teaching robot Fable Spin at BETT, the world’s biggest education technology event taking place from 23-26 January.