What are Faronics Wise doing to ensure UK schools can continue to operate while the country is on lockdown!

Faronics Wise is a relatively new data management provider in the UK education space, however we have over 1 million users across Europe and further a field. In general our users are utilising our virtual classroom features and remote learning tools very effectively.

As expected there has been a notable increase in the number of support requests around training, and thankfully we have suitable processes in place to accommodate this. It’s true to say that Faronics Wise is actually very well positioned to cope in the current teaching and learning climate. As a standard we have always provided a well-structured service level expectation to all of our customers and we are very proactive in ensuring that each of our customers receives regular updates on all the features within the platform.

Since pretty much all of our customers have closed their doors, to all but a few students, we have been actively training and supporting all of our users with daily seminars and Q&A sessions. This has been very successful across Europe, thus far, and we will continue to support all of our customers in this way for the foreseeable future.

The very foundation of Faronics Wise is built around remote learning and virtual teaching. Our very first customer, in 2008, was a forward thinking school that wanted to provide hospitalised students an education through our virtual classroom. Today our customers are using the very same platform to support their students, staff and parents/guardians. 

During these very challenging times, Faronics Wise are now inviting schools across the UK to use their whole school management platform at no cost until the situation stabilizes. 
To find out more about Faronics Wise, and to talk about the scheme you can contact Christopher Stockley – Commercial lead at cstockley@faronicswise.co.uk or look at our website www.faronicswise.co.uk