Washingborough Pupils Learn About Internet Safety

Washingborough Academy recently hosted a special ‘e-safety’ lesson for pupils, using digital resources from Discovery Education Espresso.

The children began their lesson by watching a video, which explored the benefits of using the internet and gave them tips for staying safe online. From discovering how to keep personal information such as their name, address and phone number safe to learning how to interact with others, the video gave pupils lots of ideas.
After watching the video, the children were inspired to create their own colourful online safety posters, with tips for using computers, tablets and smartphones, which they displayed around the school.

The pupils shared what they had learned from their e-safety lesson.

Mathilda, 5, said: “It's important to be safe online because if you don't know someone who's messaged you, they might say something mean to you. You need to tell an adult.”
Evie, 6, said: “ If you aren't careful, you could tell people your personal information. It's important to be safe online because if you aren't safe, you could be in danger.”
Teacher Catherine Wilkinson said:
“Our children are living in a digital age which is evolving quicker than ever and they will work in a technological world that we cannot imagine. It’s vitally important that we equip them with the skills and principles to keep themselves safe, whatever device or software they are using. Discovery Education allows children to access this information in a creative and fun way. The E-Safety lesson was a fantastic opportunity to support the children’s understanding of the benefits, and rules, of being online. The resources gave them clear guidance on how to stay safe in an age-appropriate way.”
Discovery Education Espresso’s online safety content includes videos, activities and lesson plans to help pupils understand who and what to trust online. Designed for primary school pupils in every year group, the resources inspire the safe and positive use of technology and empower children to take control of their digital lives. 
“Discovery Education is proud to support Washingborough Academy as it teaches its pupils to stay safe online,’ said Howard Lewis, Discovery Education’s Managing Director UK and International. “Providing pupils with engaging opportunities to learn these skills is vitally important. We are glad to offer primary schools the resources to do so.”
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