They have a cloud-based studio which can be logged into from a browser base. There is simple ‘drag-and-drop’ software so that users can create and manage their own content. This can be videos, photographs, news-feeds and more. This content is then put into a playlist and applied to a screen which enables them to put across the information that they wish to transmit to their audience.

The users have complete control of their software: there is no outsider advertising or any other such interruptions. However, customers are provided with design templates and offered other help with regard to the design of their content.

With regard to product support, each customer is provided with a team viewer license free of charge. This means that if there are any software issues, TrouDigital can log-in and fix them straight away, rather than the customer having to wait for somebody to come out and fix those issues for them. This service is available within office hours.

TrouDigital’s signage obviates the need for pinboards and posters. In terms of maintaining and updating the screens, in the long term it is cheaper to use than spending money on paper posters. It also saves time for teachers. Rather than putting up posters, teachers can update the screens remotely.

The software is run on an Android Media Signage PC box which is attached to the back of the screen. It will work with any screen, although TrouDigital can supply High Bright screens. High Bright screens are roughly twice as bright as a standard display screen. They are designed to stay switched on 24 hours a day, seven days a week without burning out. TrouDigital’s High Bright screens have a three year warranty. However, some of their earliest clients are still using screens that were purchased more than five years ago.

 Any updates made to the software will instantly download to the box, and will be showcased on the screen. Using Android rather than Windows means that content shown on the screen will not be interrupted by updates. If there are any wi-fi issues all of the content is cached directly onto the box itself. So if the wi-fi goes down, all of the content will continue to play. TrouDigital are currently building a new studio that will enable them to show live TV on their screens, and also play music.

This is a very impressive product from a forward-thinking company who are always aiming to progress and push ahead.

Mark Kelly