Touch typing used to be an old-fashioned skill — but now schools are reviving it

And it’s not as if schools in the UK haven’t attempted to get behind the skill. In fact the programme I am using to taunt poor Mike, KAZ Type, is exactly the same one (give or take a few updates) that I sat using in my school IT lessons around 18 years ago.
But while the Department for Education say touch typing is encouraged as a part of computer literacy, there is still no specific reference to it on the state curriculum.

Sue Westwood, a child psychologist, now runs another touch typing programme called English Type.

It’s incredibly frustrating,” she tells i. “These days many schools teach coding, because it’s fashionable. But to be a professional coder you have to be able to keep your eyes on the screen – so you’ve got to be able to type using muscle memory,” she adds. “Schools really are wasting their time not teaching typing.”