The report on 'whose fault is the IT skills gap' concludes with a number of recommendations for employers.

If IT certification delivers benefits that help companies thrive, grow and bridge the skills gap, employers should:
  • Build certification of their existing IT staff into training budgets and plans
  • Be more vocal in calling for certification to be incorporated into IT education at the earliest possible opportunity, so that students leave school, Further and Higher Education with IT skills and knowledge they can apply in a 21st Century workplace.
  • Request certification when recruiting
  • Ensure that certification is rewarded, both in terms of salaries and support with on-the-job training costs
  • Partner with local educational facilities to provide better, accredited in-house training
You can read the full report here:

I would like to discuss whether any of these themes might fit into your upcoming features. We would be happy to develop any of interest, or contribute to a general review of the report.
With thanks
Helen Hammond