Technology can galvanise the hard work of parents to support their child’s education

Throughout the pandemic, parents took on an astounding role to support the education of their children. As schools closed for extended periods, during which time 74 per cent of teachers said they were not able to teach to their usual standard, parents became their children’s new teaching staffers. A staggering 58 per cent of parents reported they home-schooled their children during the initial lockdown alone, often also while juggling demanding jobs.

Today, 95 per cent of secondary and 82 per cent of primary teachers report they continue to provide remote learning after the pandemic. To utilise this shift, teachers can use technology to help galvanise the efforts parents make every day to boost their child’s learning.

Here, Graham Class, founder and CEO of Cypher Learning, explores what this may look like in practice. He exposes how schools can use technology to give parents access to homework tasks, track their child’s progress in lesson and even watch classes with their child once recorded. This will help empower parents, boost the education of their children, and thank them for their impactful work over the pandemic.