Six things that make teachers angry in schools

1. Kitchen nightmaresAnyone who has ever worked in a school knows what a contentious place the staffroom kitchen is. Half drunk mugs of tea piled up high in the sink, almost obscuring the sign that reads “Any mug left here overnight will be DESTROYED” (complete with a crude Clipart image of a bomb – just to hammer the message home); mouldy lunchboxes; sugar in the coffee jar – the list is endless. 

I can barely bring myself to recall the time I went to eat my lunch only to find that it had been consumed by someone else: the memory is too painful. 

4. Toilets
All we really want is toilet paper (that’s tissue paper – not tracing paper, thank you), a lock that works, an adequate number of functioning toilets and some soap. It’s not too much to ask, is it?

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