You would love to answer “Yes” to these questions, but in reality, this is just a very small part of a teacher’s role, yet it can take up a disproportionate amount of time in preparation (limiting the opportunities for pupil engagement and learning).

DRONEdays can take the stress out of planning and delivering this element of your curriculum by providing the resources and expertise to ensure a successful, engaging and fun experience for every child. Not only do we plan an event for you at your school, but also provide all the equipment and expertise, allowing your staff to enjoy the experience along with the children (and gain some valuable CPD in the process).

Recent customer, David Harris from SuperCamps, Malvern College says:

“I was delighted to see their heightened level of engagement, even when they were waiting for their turn to fly the drone, they were editing their code and discussing different ways to complete the challenge.” – David Harris, SuperCamps, Malvern College.
Sue from DRONEdays says:

“We develop an individual plan for every school we visit, ensuring effective time management that fits into your school day. We love to see children being challenged, extending themselves and experimenting with code to see what they can achieve. Because the output from their code is physical and instant, they remain focussed throughout the session with a determination not only to achieve goals but improve performance. They are invariably disappointed when the session comes to an end.”