Prowise Touchscreens, personal devices and free online software to help you make distance learning easy.

Are your students required to stay at home? Thanks to our free trial period, they can get started with Prowise Learn right away. Because of the smart and adaptive Prowise Learn software, all students in class follow their own learning pathways and always achieve success.

The Coronavirus creates an exceptional situation in which it is even possible for your students to sit at home. There is no need for education to come to a complete standstill as a result. For example, we can help you from Prowise with adaptive exercise material that students can continue to practice with at home. You can even follow their progress at home.


Get started right away
The great thing about Prowise Learn is that students can use it directly at home on their own device. Just log in and they get started. As a teacher, you don’t have to set up or print assignments or even review assignments as this is done automatically. In the dashboard you get to follow the progress of your students, even if they are logged in at home when the school is closed.

Fully adaptive
We use an innovative adaptive system that has been developed by the University of Amsterdam. This system automatically adjusts the difficulty of maths exercises to the ability level of a user.

How does it work?
As soon as a student completes an exercise , the system measures the student’s skills again. The next task is chosen based on the results. This ensures that Prowise Learn is motivating and fun for users of all ability levels.
The adaptive software continuously monitors performance and, unlike other adaptive programs, responds immediately to changes. In this way, the level of assignments is continuously fine-tuned and the learner receives tailor-made education. Also at home!


Create an Account
Prowise Learn is entirely free until September 1st, 2020. After this date, the trial will end automatically. The trial period is intended for schools that are not yet using or haven’t used Prowise Learn yet. During, but also after the end of the trial period, it is always possible to create a subscription to Prowise Learn, so that the children can continue practicing in their own account. You order Learn for £1 per student per year.