ONS data has revealed that nearly one-in-five children experiences some form of ...

“For schools, establishing a culture of online safety – both in the classroom and at home – is a “new normal” priority. Now that pupils are learning and socialising remotely, a growing number of school children are experiencing online bullying and it’s a problem that’s been exacerbated by lockdown. 

“After all, access to the internet is around-the-clock and that makes monitoring any child’s activity on a computer device or smartphone almost impossible. That’s why safeguarding children online is about more than just cybersecurity, but about educating parents, teachers and students in equal measure on how to safely use the internet and, just as importantly, when to switch off.    

“If children are beginning to feel more confident online, schools are uniquely well-placed to point parents to the training that’s available to protect our young people. With children increasingly trapped indoors, and the vast majority of schools now operating on the cloud, it’s only by having open and frank discussions about the pitfalls of the internet that we can protect the health and wellbeing of students.”

Melanie Thomson, Online safety Representative, RM Education