Ohbot and Picoh are programmable robotic heads produced by Ohbot Ltd.

 Ohbot Ltd provide a piece of software modelled on Scratch that enables children to arrange blocks by clicking and dragging to create programmes that make the robots move, speak and react. They also make available open source Python libraries so that children are able to write text programmes to control Ohbot and Picoh.
Ohbot is a creative tool. Children rehearse and build computational thinking skills through programming Ohbot to carry out real world creative tasks. Perhaps they will be programming Ohbot to perform stories, or greet visitors, or to generate and perform poetry. As children develop programming skills to enable them to carry out these tasks, they are gaining the thinking skills needed to translate messy real world problems into computational solutions.
Ohbot and Picoh are designed to be as open as possible, and it is easy to connect additional sensors and servo motors to Ohbot. It is intended that Picoh will have a connector on its base that will enable further connectivity. Ohbot Ltd will be adding more features to their Windows app and Python library in order that users can create ever more engaging and interactive programmes.
Ohbot and Picoh are both very exciting new products which I am sure will have very bright futures indeed. They are highly recommended.

Mark Kelly